Monday, 24 January 2011

So who am I?

Well it's a question we all ask ourselves every once in a while...

We are moving from modernist calculation toward postmodernist simulation, where the "self" is a multiple, distributed system...

But I've no idea what any of that means so we'll just have to make do with a little of my history!

I grew up in the south of England. A skinny beanpole. Referred to, affectionately, by my politically incorrect father as "Oxfam body".

It was in Salisbury that I went to school where I soon discovered that I had a real aptitude for kicking a football in every direction other than the one that was intended. Since football was a sport my school was famous for - it offered little in the way of alternatives. It seemed academia was my only real option - so I immersed myself in more scholarly pursuits.

However, I quickly discovered, that by acting the fool during "football", I would be "punished" by being made to run around the football pitch for the duration of the lesson. Something I rather enjoyed and certainly a fate far preferable to having cold, wet, footballs kicked repeatedly at my head by the big boys.

So the joy of (and less ineptitute for) running was quickly discovered.

I also enjoyed swimming and hacking around the Wiltshire countryside on bikes that had been mackled together in the shed - clearly a Triathlete in the making!

In actual fact it was Martial Arts that really started my love for being physically fit. I still believe that it was the most fantastic grounding for a young kid. Discipline, a strong work ethic and the ability to take a regular beating (and keep coming back for more) were all fostered at the Salisbury Kung-Fu club over a 6 year period. I can still do press-ups on my index fingers!

It was around 1988 that I first heard about Triathlon and met up with a lively and infectiously enthusiastic chap called Dave Cerqua who had just started a Tri Club in Salisbury.

Triathlon seemed suitably wacky and left field (and didn't involve kicking a ball) so I signed up for my first event, the Swindon "Try a Tri" day, in the Spring of 1989.

I seem to remember finishing 13th, riding my Dawes Horizon touring bike and running in my Dunlop "Green Flash". Beaten in a sprint finish by my Mum, supporting from the side, taking photos (as she still does to this day!)

I was bitten by the bug and I haven't missed a Tri season since!

So, 20 odd years later, from Salisbury, to Leicester via Loughborough Uni, I have raced all over the world at all distances up to Ironman and feel truly privileged to have been involved in our great sport since it's early days in the UK.

My aspirations have always been modest. Perhaps lacking the "tools" to ever make it at the top level, I have always focused my efforts on Age Group racing. This approach has also offered me the opportunity to embark on the more esoteric races often "off limits" to the pro's - Marathon from Everest Base Camp anyone?

I have represented the GB AG team on a few occasions including Manchester, Lausanne, Nice and have won a little bit of silver (Plastic) ware along the way...

Supported by my wonderful Triathlete wife Claire and a bunch of brilliant mates, I continue to search out new races and new life experiences.

This years challenges are the Norseman Tri and maybe Challenge Barcelona, something I hope to blog about in detail later on. I'm also hoping to continue supporting Leicester Tri's ace (blind) Paratriathlete Haseeb Ahmad during his 2011 campaign.

It's gonna be a fun year - watch this space!



  1. Haha! So I get to be the 1st to comment on yr sparkling new blog! Good stuff I say! When are you going to bring yr racing talents to Rio de Janeiro? Apparently there`s a Rio Ironman in the works for 2011 or 2012... Plus you can get the lie of the land ahead of Rio 2016!

  2. Hey Orlando - great to hear from you! I hope you come back and visit my blog often. Also, do tell your racing chums! Got some good stuff planned!

    Take Care


    P.S Rio IM?? One day for sure mate!